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Covid-19 : Coronavirus


Dear Parents/Carers

We have had some questions regarding what practices we are putting in place regarding Coronavirus.

As a setting with young children we already have well-routined hygiene practices, already following the advice given by the NHS.

These procedures include;

-regular cleaning of toys,

-washing of staff and children’s hands before eating and after toileting,

-nappy and potty areas are cleaned between each use,

-staff also wear PPE when dealing with first aid incidents, serving food and dealing with bodily fluids,

-staff maintain good personal hygiene

-we follow catch it, bin it, kill it procedures for coughs and sneezes and encourage children to follow this too,

-there is alcohol gel available in the rooms as well as an automatic wall-mounted dispenser in the entranceway,

-safer food better business processes are used in the kitchen and all staff are food hygiene trained,

-use of antibacterial sprays to clean surfaces regularly throughout the day between activities but especially before and after food service,

-professional cleaners that come to the setting at the end of each day.

During times of increased illnesses, we also restrict communal play activities such as water and sand play and ensure that playdough is disposed of daily. We clean toys more frequently as well as high traffic areas such as door handles, light switches, banisters ect.

Should a child have time away or come into contact with someone who has recently visited a high-risk area we ask that they self isolate for the recommended 14 days as per the government guidelines. Should there be an outbreak at the setting we would contact Public Health England and follow their advice.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards





Dear parents and carers

After the recent update from the prime minister, we will be following the latest advice in order to attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.

We ask for your co-operation during this time as we understand it can be difficult to manage, for all.

If any child has a temperature of 37.8¬įc or above they should not come to the setting at all. If they develop the temperature whilst at the setting then parents should put contingency plans in place to be able to collect the child within 30 minutes from our contact with them. Where possible the child will be put in isolation from other children but will not be left unsupervised. The same applies to any children with a persistent cough. In both of these cases, the child will not be permitted back to the setting for 7 days.

We also ask that any parents or carers that have either symptoms of a raised temperature or persistent cough, then they must not drop off or collect any children from the setting until they have reached the 7 day self-isolation period.

Parents would have already received e-mails about what we currently have in place to prevent the spread of infection, however, can we please remind you to use the hand sanitiser in the entranceway and encourage your child/ren to wash their hands when they get to their rooms.

If you have any further questions can we please ask that you e-mail the setting at as we will understandably be busy finalising policies specific to this virus, and keeping up to date with advice, and an influx of calls can hinder this greatly. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards




Dear Parents/ Carers

Please find attached the settings action plan for coronavirus, if you have any questions on this matter please direct them to us via e-mail to

We appreciate these are uncertain times for all and we appreciate your co-operation in following the action plan.

Kind Regards


Coronavirus Action Plan.docx · version 1



Dear Parents/ Carers

In light of last night’s announcements from our government please find an updated version of our action plan below.
We have had parents question the stance waiving fees for absence, unfortunately, at the moment we have to follow our policies and terms and conditions set out in sign up and outlined in our action plan.

Once we have more information on whether there will be any financial support for the business from insurance or the government we will be able to advise parents what we can implement to try and help you as well. As with everything at this time, it is very difficult to get a definitive answer and as much as we want to support our parents, we also need to ensure we are in a secure situation, in order to remain open for the foreseeable future.

Kind Regards

Coronavirus Action Plan.docx · version 2


Dear Parents and Carers

Please find attached our letter outlining the settings actions effective from 6pm this evening until further notice.

As we are uncertain of how long this will be in place for we would like to just add how much we have appreciated parents kind gestures, support, and patience in this very difficult time. Thank you so much, you’ve made this all a little more bearable.

Kind Regards


Coronavirus setting partial closure letter to Parents and carers 20.3.2020

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