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Covid-19 : Coronavirus


Dear Parents/Carers

We have had some questions regarding what practices we are putting in place regarding Coronavirus.

As a setting with young children we already have well-routined hygiene practices, already following the advice given by the NHS.

These procedures include;

-regular cleaning of toys,

-washing of staff and children’s hands before eating and after toileting,

-nappy and potty areas are cleaned between each use,

-staff also wear PPE when dealing with first aid incidents, serving food and dealing with bodily fluids,

-staff maintain good personal hygiene

-we follow catch it, bin it, kill it procedures for coughs and sneezes and encourage children to follow this too,

-there is alcohol gel available in the rooms as well as an automatic wall-mounted dispenser in the entranceway,

-safer food better business processes are used in the kitchen and all staff are food hygiene trained,

-use of antibacterial sprays to clean surfaces regularly throughout the day between activities but especially before and after food service,

-professional cleaners that come to the setting at the end of each day.

During times of increased illnesses, we also restrict communal play activities such as water and sand play and ensure that playdough is disposed of daily. We clean toys more frequently as well as high traffic areas such as door handles, light switches, banisters ect.

Should a child have time away or come into contact with someone who has recently visited a high-risk area we ask that they self isolate for the recommended 14 days as per the government guidelines. Should there be an outbreak at the setting we would contact Public Health England and follow their advice.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards





Dear parents and carers

After the recent update from the prime minister, we will be following the latest advice in order to attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.

We ask for your co-operation during this time as we understand it can be difficult to manage, for all.

If any child has a temperature of 37.8°c or above they should not come to the setting at all. If they develop the temperature whilst at the setting then parents should put contingency plans in place to be able to collect the child within 30 minutes from our contact with them. Where possible the child will be put in isolation from other children but will not be left unsupervised. The same applies to any children with a persistent cough. In both of these cases, the child will not be permitted back to the setting for 7 days.

We also ask that any parents or carers that have either symptoms of a raised temperature or persistent cough, then they must not drop off or collect any children from the setting until they have reached the 7 day self-isolation period.

Parents would have already received e-mails about what we currently have in place to prevent the spread of infection, however, can we please remind you to use the hand sanitiser in the entranceway and encourage your child/ren to wash their hands when they get to their rooms.

If you have any further questions can we please ask that you e-mail the setting at as we will understandably be busy finalising policies specific to this virus, and keeping up to date with advice, and an influx of calls can hinder this greatly. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards




Dear Parents/ Carers

Please find attached the settings action plan for coronavirus, if you have any questions on this matter please direct them to us via e-mail to

We appreciate these are uncertain times for all and we appreciate your co-operation in following the action plan.

Kind Regards


Coronavirus Action Plan.docx · version 1



Dear Parents/ Carers

In light of last night’s announcements from our government please find an updated version of our action plan below.
We have had parents question the stance waiving fees for absence, unfortunately, at the moment we have to follow our policies and terms and conditions set out in sign up and outlined in our action plan.

Once we have more information on whether there will be any financial support for the business from insurance or the government we will be able to advise parents what we can implement to try and help you as well. As with everything at this time, it is very difficult to get a definitive answer and as much as we want to support our parents, we also need to ensure we are in a secure situation, in order to remain open for the foreseeable future.

Kind Regards

Coronavirus Action Plan.docx · version 2


Dear Parents and Carers

Please find attached our letter outlining the settings actions effective from 6pm this evening until further notice.

As we are uncertain of how long this will be in place for we would like to just add how much we have appreciated parents kind gestures, support, and patience in this very difficult time. Thank you so much, you’ve made this all a little more bearable.

Kind Regards


Coronavirus setting partial closure letter to Parents and carers 20.3.2020



Covid risk assessment Ladybirds Day Nursery

Dear Parents/Carers

As per the government announcement last night the 5 tests have been met and from Tuesday 2nd June we will be starting a phased return of children back to the nursery and have provided the information below to help you to help us reduce risks to all of our families, staff and children.

We would firstly like to thank all of our families for being so supportive and understanding during this period, it has been a very tough time for us as adults and we’re sure it has for the children and we can’t wait to welcome them back!

Start date

We will be opening up to more children on Tuesday June 2nd, we will be doing this so that we can bring staff back in and get them up to date with procedures on the 1st so the setting will only be open to the key worker families we have been caring for already over the last couple of months.

Bubble system

We have been advised to adopt a bubble system which involves keeping groups of children and staff separate from each other throughout the day and not allowing children to switch between bubbles at any point for the foreseeable. This has mostly been calculated by age but where there are sibling groups we have to put them in the same bubble so there may be older children put in the same bubble as younger ones but our ratios will be kept to at all times. Our staff will also remain in the same bubbles for consistency of care as well as to avoid cross-overs. Our new Covid-19 policy also explains that by doing these bubbles it means if there were to be a confirmed case of Covid-19 then it would be most likely that we would only need 1 of our bubbles to be shut down for the recommended 14 days where everyone should then isolate, staff included, rather than closing the whole setting but this may be subject to change depending on circumstances.

Food Provisions

For the time being, we will be asking all parents to be providing their children with a packed lunch, we cannot guarantee delivery slots and can only order limited amounts of food so we ask that you provide their main meal and/or pudding for lunchtime and we will provide the other meals throughout the day, Breakfast, snacks and tea.

Drop off and collection

Following the government guidance we cannot allow parents to come into the building. Your child/ren will need to be taken to their Bubble Drop off point. Only 1 parent per household must do the drop off and collection of children. There are red lines on the pavement distanced 2 metres apart please ensure you keep to these lines.

During normal drop off times there will be someone taking children from parents through the back door, washing their hands and taking them to the staff upstairs please be patient and wait for the staff member to return if you are next. Collection of your child will be from the same point. If there is not a staff member around when you are dropping off or collecting please call the nursery on 01752 881161 and we will shortly be with you.

We understand that this is likely to be upsetting for children especially as they haven’t been with us for a while but please rest assured your children will be comforted and reassured by staff, although we will try to avoid unnecessary contact with the children it is likely to inevitable that they will still need hugs and comfort throughout the day and their emotional needs will still be met. Parents are more than welcome to call the nursery throughout the day


Symptoms and procedures

This information is in addition to our risk assessments and Covid-19 policy

Temperatures: it is not recommended to take temperatures on initial entrance to the setting because of the change of temperature from outdoors to indoors. We will however be very vigilant in checking children’s temperatures throughout the day if they seem unwell in any form. We will not be able to give children paracetamol/ibuprofen or similar temperature reducing medication during for the foreseeable and parents must not give it to children prior to bringing their child to the setting as this could mask potential Covid-19 symptoms. Parents must ensure that if their child/ren have any symptoms that they keep their children at


Risk assessment and Policy

We have an updated risk assessment and new Covid-19 which will be available on our website. We strongly advise parents to read these.


Changes to daily running and routines


We will endeavour to re-assess children when they return to the setting as soon as possible however due to having to put things such as extra cleaning procedures in place and having less staff members, observations might not be as frequent as usual.


Toys and Resources

For infection control reasons there will be a limited amount of toys and resources on offer for the children. In order to limit the spread of germs at this time we are unable to provide things such as sand, water, play dough and messy play activities. As always we will ensure that the children are still stimulated and learning through their play.


Outdoor Area

Each bubble will have set times of the day to use the outdoor area. Bubble 1 will have the morning 9:00am – 11:45am and Bubble 2 will have the afternoon 12:15pm – 3:00pm. In order to avoid cross-overs when going outside, Bubble 2 will leave via the main entrance, walk past the side of the building and enter the garden using the gate. Bubble 1 will use the stairs inside the building and exit via the back door as normal. Staff will ensure that the outside area and resources are disinfected after each bubble has been outside.


Fee’s (booking time off)

For the moment we will not be charging parents if they keep their child at home, we will ask that in order to remove a fee from the current months invoice you give us as much notice as possible but a minimum of 24 hours notice is required, otherwise it will be classed as an absent day and full charges will still apply. When more than 24 hours notice is given we will not send out an amended invoice but your account will be credited for the following month.


Opening times

Our opening times will be 8:00am – 6:00pm. Parents are asked to not attempt to drop off prior to 8am as we need to ensure that staff are ready to support the children and please note that at any time key worker families may have to jump to the front of the queue and will have to take priority in some cases. There will be no 7:30am starts for the foreseeable.


Social Distancing within the setting

The nature of caring for children makes it very difficult to socially distance them from staff members and each other, doing so could affect their emotional well-being and development. We will be trying to keep the nursery as normal as possible for them during this time. Please rest assured we are putting many extra procedures in place to keep the risk of infection to a minimum. We kindly ask that you let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes in health to anyone vulnerable / clinically vulnerable living within your household and that you keep good levels of hygiene at home as we are sure you’re all doing already. We look forward to seeing you all soon.



COVID-19 Update ahead of September 2020


Dear Parents/ Carers

Firstly we would like to sincerely thank all of our parents and carers who have been, patient, generous, understanding and supportive during this ever-changing difficult time.

As we are hopefully moving forward and adapting to the new ‘normal’ we would like to take the opportunity to update you on what to expect over the next few weeks/months. We’d appreciate it if parents read through carefully and respond to the requests in a prompt manner so that we can get everything organised for September.



From 7th September we will expect parents to go back to providing us 4 weeks notice of changes to bookings or holiday requests.

If you do not wish for your child to start back at the nursery from the 7th September then from that week onwards we will be reinstating the 25% charge, this is to retain your place as we are employing staff on the basis that bookings will be resumed.

We now need to be able to forward plan our bookings with the hope to be back to normal, we are requesting that parents give us an estimated return date if it is not from the 7th September.

Parents must inform us of their return date by Friday 21st August.

Failure to do so will result in your place being withdrawn and offered to other families


Changes to personal details

Please can parents use the form at the end of this email to inform us of any changes of address, contact numbers, allergies/intolerances or home circumstances and anything else you think may be relevant to your child joining back with us. We have lots of children expected to start back with us and by having this information in advance it means we can be prepared for their first day back.


7.30 starts

During lockdown and since we have suspended 7.30 starts at the nursery, these will be reinstated from Monday 7th September. If you are unsure if your sessions are booked please add it to the form.


Packed lunches

From the 2nd June, we have asked parents to provide packed lunches for children, this will also be the case until Monday 7th September. We are hoping that we will be able to book more regular delivery slots to ensure that there is enough food available for the children but this is restricted by our suppliers so this may be subject to change again if we can’t.


Funded Children

For children who are currently attending their stretched funding and leaving for school this year, please be aware that your funding ends on Monday 31st August, if you wish to book in further sessions between then and when your child starts school you must book in these sessions, they are not automatically extended and may not be available as we will have our other funded children back.

Brixton School Children

Half Term

This is a courtesy note to let our new reception parents know that Brixton Autumn half term is 2 weeks long this year it is From Monday 19th October to Friday 30th October. Due to our own funded children being in the week commencing the 19th we do not offer a big bugs holiday club during this week so you may need to seek alternative childcare. We do however have holiday club the week commencing 26th October. If you haven’t already please book your slot soon as spaces are already filling up.


Before and after school club

As far as we are aware we will be able to go ahead with before and after school club from Monday 7th September, (Reception class from 10th) if you are planning to take your child in or pick them up in their first days/weeks back can you please confirm when you will need our service to start from on the form so we can get bookings and invoices correct.



There have been lots of talks about ‘Bubbles’ going on over the last few months!

Although we have been advised that since July we have not been required to maintain bubbles we have and will continue to keep our bubble 1 and 2 system in place until Friday 4th September, we feel that it has been appropriate to keep the system going to try and prevent cross overs of different rooms and reduces the chances of having to shut down the whole nursery in the case of a positive COVID case. From the 7th of September, we will not be using a bubble system and staff and children will be going back to their age-appropriate rooms, we will be trying to minimise movement between rooms of staff and children still though.

If your child is due to return to the setting before the 4th September please update yourself on the bubble process through our website and enquire with a member of staff which bubble your child will be in.



From Monday 7th September we will be going back to using 1 entrance, this will be the main front door. We will still be meeting parents at the gate and expect parents to maintain social distancing measures whilst waiting for their child to be collected from them. This may take some time for us to take each child as we will have an increased amount so please allow extra time to your journey. During busy drop off/collection times we will make ourselves available to look out for families coming in but if you are waiting and there isn’t a staff member there please call the nursery and we will come out to you, please try and refrain from coming in and pushing the doorbell. When your child is taken from you, they will be taken to their room and will have their hands washed. We do expect that some children will be upset during this transition back to nursery but please be assured that they will be comforted by the staff, as much as we could try to maintain a social distance from children, they don’t understand what is happening and will still need reassurance and comfort.


Settling in sessions

Our settling in sessions have had to alter with the times due to parents not being allowed in the setting. We have been having them outside in our sheltered area when other children aren’t using the garden and with parents and staff socially distanced from each other. We ask that parents sanitise their hands before coming in and when they leave. Children will be allowed to float between staff and parent to build up trust and reassurance and when the parents and child are ready then the staff member will bring them inside for a period of time to get them used to the setting.

If your child is new to the setting then please contact us via e-mail to arrange sessions. As we move forward these procedures will hopefully change and adapt to new guidance as it comes out.

Kind Regards

Kayleigh, Janine and The Ladybirds Team



Dear Parent and carers,

Firstly, I would like to welcome everyone back for the first day of term after what only can be described as a ‘different’ summer.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support throughout this time.

As the first few days have come to an end, we have come across some obstacles whilst welcoming our children back that we feel need to be changed. I would like to be as transparent as possible with you all.

We asked you all to come to the front gate for your children to be dropped off and collected but unfortunately, this has not worked for us. We are worried that this is allowing more children and staff to cross over groups, which is something we need to avoid.

As the government changed the guidelines on 20th July 2020, to allow early years settings to not have bubbles, we have still tried to keep children in their rooms and not have staff cross over.

For us to continue to do our best to prevent the nursery closing completely due to a positive test, we must make some changes to our routines.

We are bringing back ‘Bubbles/rooms’

The changes will take place from Thursday 10th 2020 and are as follows:

Baby room

We are asking that you bring your child to the GARDEN GATE for them to be collected and taken to the baby room by a baby room member of staff.

We have ordered individual doorbells for the rooms and there will be a labelled baby room doorbell on the gate for you to contact the staff in the baby room. This will notify them that you are waiting for collection or drop off. Whilst we wait for the doorbells to arrive please revert back to calling the nursery from the gate and we will send someone out to you.

It is important that you use the hand sanitiser provided on the wall before each use and that social distancing measures are followed. The sanitiser holder is on order and will hopefully arrive soon, so in the meantime we would appreciate if parents do have their own sanitiser that they use it before pushing the button.

7.30 starts will be situated in the baby room garden with a baby room member of staff until 7.50am when other staff arrive.

These are: Michelle, Kirsty, Jess, Alicia and Myself (Janine).

Toddler room

We are asking you to bring your child to the GARDEN GATE for them to be collected and taken to the toddler room through the toddler garden and up the stairs to the toddler room.

We have ordered individual doorbells for the rooms and there will be a labelled toddler room doorbell on the gate for you to contact the staff in the toddler room. This will notify them that you are waiting for collection or drop off. Whilst we wait for the doorbells to arrive please revert back to calling the nursery from the gate and we will send someone out to you.

It is important that you use the hand sanitiser provided on the wall before each use and that social distancing measures are followed. The sanitiser holder is on order and will hopefully arrive soon, so in the meantime we would appreciate if parents do have their own sanitiser that they use it before pushing the button.

7.30 starts will be in the shelter of the garden until 7.50am when other Toddler room staff arrive, at which point will be taken start to the toddler room.

The staff in this room are Sam, Sue, Donna, Izzy, Danni and Amy

Pre school

We are asking parents to continue coming to the MAIN ENTRANCE for collection by a preschool member of staff. The child will be taken straight to the preschool room.

It is important that you use the hand sanitiser provided on the wall before using the doorbell and that social distancing measures are followed. The sanitiser holder is on order and will hopefully arrive soon, so in the meantime we would appreciate if parents do have their own sanitiser that they use it before pushing the button.

The staff in this room are Esme, Jade, Natalie and Lily.


Please do not bring your child into nursery if you feel they are unwell or have ANY symptoms of Covid – 19, this will minimise the risk of infection. These can be found on the government website. We cannot provide Ibuprofen or Paracetamol to your child during this time.

We also ask that parents are vigilant in following the government guidelines and in particular those relating to returning from holidays/abroad and self-isolation periods. Any children who come back from countries not included in the except lists will not be allowed into the setting until they have completed their 2 weeks isolation from their return date.

We have worked so hard to keep the nursery open and safe throughout this time and now we are getting busier, we really need your help to keep the setting at a low risk.

This has been the most testing time for us, and I understand people’s anxieties, but please be assured that everything we have put into place is primarily for our children’s safety and wellbeing.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your support and help during the last 6 months. Having such amazing families has made this a lot easier for us all.

Kayleigh and I are so grateful.

Things are changing for us daily with guidelines changing so often, so please bear with us with any changes that may arise.

We hope this is all over soon and you can FINALLY come into the nursery and see the amazing changes the staff have made during this lockdown.


COVID-19 Policy

Covid risk assessment Ladybirds Day Nursery Nov 2020


Re: January 2021 National Lockdown

Dear Parents and Carers

Last night our Prime Minister declared a national lockdown was required to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This includes schools being closed apart from vulnerable children and those of Key workers. He also declared that Early Years would remain open. We are glad that this will not cause further disruption to your children’s early education and cause them to become unsettled as we understand how important routine is for them.

Although we will continue with our current thorough procedures, we are also putting some additional safety measures in place to reduce the risk to your children and our staff catching COVID-19 and causing further disruption to everyone through isolation periods. These are as follows:

  • Unless already confirmed previously we will not be taking children in for additional hours or sessions other than what they are regularly booked in for.
  • We will not be providing a before or after school provision until schools return to normal.
  • We will not be providing care for school-aged children throughout the day because they are not allowed into school.
  • We ask parents to ensure their child/ren are well enough to attend the setting. Although we will request parents get their children tested if they show any of the 3 main symptoms. We also ask that if your child shows other signs of being unwell/under the weather that you keep them home, they may not necessarily need testing however when children aren’t well they often need extra care and attention, often involving lots of close contact, comfort and care from staff which then puts our staff at even further risk of potentially catching COVID-19 if your child then goes on to develop the main symptoms. We are also aware that other symptoms of COVID-19 are now becoming more common, so we just need to make sure everyone is being vigilant, and if a child who is sent in goes on to need additional care due to being unwell then we also reserve the right to request they be collected.
  • Children who attend more than one setting will be asked to choose one for their childcare needs to avoid crossovers between settings.

Some other points we would like to reiterate to parents on our current procedures are:

  • Children MUST NOT be given paracetamol or ibuprofen before attending the setting. This is because the pain killers will likely reduce a temperature, and this would mean we have a child in the setting with one of the main symptoms and they could spread it round to the staff and other children unknowingly and not be isolated until it is too late.
  • Children may have comforters, but they MUST NOT bring in other toys from home.
  • Parents and carers MUST wear face coverings at drop off and collection.

Once again, we really appreciate everyone’s support and thank you for your patience as we find out the proposed actions at the same time as everyone else. We hope you understand all the above measures are in place to try and maintain a safe environment for our staff and your children which will hopefully lead to as minimal disruption to your families as possible.

Kind Regards

Janine and Kayleigh

Covid risk assessment Ladybirds Day Nursery Jan 2021


Dear parents/ Carers

I hope you are safe and well during this strange time AGAIN.

I just wanted to write to you all in regard to charging fees.

In the last lockdown the government told us we had to shut for everyone except keyworkers which meant we were unable to offer a service to parents. During this we asked for a small retainer until we knew where we stood financially and then did not charge until we reopened. This time is a different story. The government has stated that we should stay open to all during this Lockdown to enable parents to work and for respite.

This means we will have to pay the same expenditure as normal. I wish I could give discounts to all parents that are choosing to keep their children home during this lockdown, but it is now not financially viable for us.

I have found it exceedingly difficult making this call as I totally understand parents would like to take away any risks by keeping them home. In any other circumstances we would look at helping individual families when they need it but as this impacts all our families it’s something we can’t do.

I still want us to be here for you all by the end of this madness.

As a small business we do not have anything else to fall back on. I understand some chain settings might be able to offer discounts, but we can’t.

We are cutting our losses to keep staff and children safe by not taking school aged children as well as extra sessions. This is a financial blow, but we feel that safety is more important at this time.

I really hope you understand, and I wish I could help further. I hope this will be over by February half term and you feel safer to bring your children back. We still have a full team here, working so hard to keep your children safe, have structure and be happy, whilst keeping high COVID-19 preventative procedures.

The staff have all been amazing and positive during all of this and I cannot thank them enough for working so hard during a very stressful time.

Kind Regards




Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to update you on our rapid COVID-19 testing procedures.

Our staff now have access to Lateral Flow Device tests ready to start twice weekly from Monday 22nd March. This is voluntary, however, our staff have been very welcoming of the extra reassurance this will bring to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Staff will test themselves at home and report their results to the nursery. Any positive results from an LFD will mean we have to identify any children and staff who have had close contact with the person who has tested positive and they must then start isolating.

The person who has tested positive will then have to book a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at a test centre and await the results from that, we will follow all advice from public health. From what we have been advised so far the procedure would be as follows if the PCR test is negative then isolating finishes and all staff and children can return to the setting. If the PCR test is also positive then the isolating will continue until 10 days from when the positive LFD was taken.

The government have also now announced that families of children attending nursery can now apply for twice-weekly testing, this won’t apply to children nursery or primary aged as it is not advised to test them at all. But by parents and older siblings testing it means if there is COVID-19 in the household then it is likely to be picked up earlier, therefore, preventing further spread and disruption to all.

If anyone has any of the 3 main symptoms (high temperature, loss of taste and /or smell, new persistent cough) then they must still go and get a PCR test. Anyone with symptoms must not do an at-home LFD test. These rapid tests are purely for asymptomatic people.

Unfortunately, we also have a limited supply of tests and cannot provide any to parents or carers.

Please find attached our updated risk assessment.

You can order your own at home kits on the below link:

Finally, we would like to thank all of our parents for being so understanding of the procedures we have to put in place, it really helps when you are prompt in collecting children and getting them tested when symptoms are showing.

We are hoping that all these additional measures help us to move forward towards some more normality.

Kind Regards


Covid risk assessment Ladybirds Day Nursery March 2021



Dear Parents and Carers,

Please find attached our updated COVID-19 risk assessment. The main change to this version is that we will be slightly relaxing our bubble system, as some of you are aware we have kept the system in place despite the guidance saying we didn’t need to since July 2020 however with restrictions lifting we have made the decision to allow staff to cover in different rooms when needed.

We will still be tracking their movements within different rooms for contact tracing purposes and will limit the movement of staff and children as much as possible, but by allowing some extra movement it will help the nursery to run more efficiently. We will now also allow children to have settling in sessions in their next room to ease them into the changes.

You will still need to drop off and collect your child at your usual entrance so not a lot will change for parents.

Kind Regards

Covid risk assessment Ladybirds Day Nursery May 2021

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